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HOA Board Members - March 2024 to March 2025

Cookie Wong, President
       Liaison to the Landscape and Governing Docs Advisory Committees, serving to March 2025
My husband Jim Chanteloup and I moved to Creekside Village full-time in 2019 but we’ve enjoyed coming here to visit Jim’s parents, Jack and Mary Chanteloup, for 30 plus years as they were the original owners of our home. We love the community and look forward to living here for many years to come.
In my professional life I have worn many hats which include being a professional musician and bandleader, an events producer, co-founder of the jazz venue “Jazz at Pearl’s” in San Francisco, program coordinator of Marin’s Bread & Roses, jazz writer for the Associated Press and Sr. Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board Chairman at Intuit Inc. With each role I sought to learn how to best contribute and add value to the organization. I hope to support Creekside Village with thoughtfulness and clear communications.
Tom Tobin, Vice President
Liaison to the Facilities Committee, serving to March 2026
Since 1991 Karen and I frequently took our kids to visit my parents, Walt and Elaine, and always enjoying our time in the community. We bought their house in 2010, then became week-enders a few years later. We moved to Creekside a little over a year ago after retiring from forty-plus years working in Silicon Valley – the silicon part, semiconductors. I’ve been fortunate to work with industry pioneers and leaders in product engineering and development, marketing, quality, strategic planning, and executive leadership positions. I’ve co-founded a start-up, and worked at major international companies, co-developing new divisions then leading an expanding diverse staff and operations in several continents as the business grew. For several years during that time, I was also a Little League coach. Like my parents, we’ve participated in community activities, happy hours, and committees. With any undertaking serving customers and communities, teamwork is essential to successful outcomes. I look forward to serving our community, ensuring transparency, and good stewardship of our resources.
Pete Tuana, Secretary 
        Liaison to the Sidewalks and Driveways Committee, serving to March 2025
I  have been a resident since 2017 and previously served on the Board. Recently I served as Chair of the Finance Committee. Other areas of interest to me are: developing an assessment plan for our storm drains, seeking a long term replacement/renewal plan for pool furniture, and improving accessibility to our facilities.
I had a career in public education as a teacher, counselor and administrator as well volunteering to work and serve on service orientated boards and organizations. My wife, Rosemary, and I appreciate the tremendous work of our volunteers who spend many hours keeping our community active, well managed, and informed. 
Skip Wangbickler, Treasurer
Liaison to the Architectural, Communications and Finance Committees, serving to March 2026
My Creekside journey started in 2008 when a baby boy was born to our son and daughter-in-law who lived in Sonoma. We had moved to California from Michigan in 1992 and resided in a small sleepy town down the peninsula, Saratoga. Following retirement, we decided to move closer to our newest nearby grandbaby, so in March of 2009 we bought our place in Creekside and moved in the following month.
You could say we are veterans of the Creekside experience, having been here for 15 years, but most of the time we traveled between our numerous grandchildren’s (we have 12) around the country. Often we spent half of the winter in Mexico and the rest of the year traveling, visiting, or here in Creekside.
My background is executive management in start-up and medium to large companies in the computer networking space. I have been in the computer industry since graduation from college in Michigan, starting my career with IBM and ending it with Cisco Systems.
Early in our residence I was the chair of the Creekside Entertainment Committee. I have observed the Creekside board from afar and desired to be involved but did not seem to have the time to make it happen until now. My Creekside activity has increased with all of the activities that are offered here; helping with community governance by being on the board seems like the next action.
Tom Northen, Member-at-large 
Liaison to the Emergency Preparedness Committee, serving to March 2025
Volunteer history: My Creekside 12 years of experience include work on the communications committee, budget committee, house committee (now facilities committee) and the board; I have physically worked on many of our clubhouse and outdoor systems.
Education: I started college in business and took accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management and advertising. Then the social sciences looked more interesting and I covered psychology, sociology and philosophy. But courses in medical physiology and pharmacology lead me to bio engineering. As a university employee, a free course each semester let me add more math, statistics, and just for fun advertising, Greek (don't ask:-) and philosophy courses.
Work: Business manager, business owner (café with 8 full time, 12 part time employees), facilities manager of a mountain top observatory, and senior java web developer in San Francisco. Plus I have done many building projects with glass, wood, concrete, electrical and metal. As the owner of the business for 12 years I had the responsibility for meeting payroll, calculating and making deposits for a variety of taxes and insurance, hiring, training, and closely watching inventory and costs.  
I will be your representative, manage your money, and will always work for openness (transparency), two way communication and honesty.