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Committee Members

Creekside to the ocean isn't a long drive.
Architectural Committee
xxxxx xxxxx, chair, and Skip Wangbickler, board liaison
Kathie Jeschke, Steve Reyes
Communications Committee
Lee Farrell, chair, and Skip Wangbickler, board liaison
Lauren Scott, classified ads
Genevieve Blanchard, Kathie Farrell, Lisa Schmitz, John Windh, Vicki Woodward
Emergency Preparedness Committee
Pat O'Brien, chair, and Tom Northen, board liaison
Christina Albrow, Mike Holman, Sue O'Brien, Ken Schopp, Nancy Schopp, Diane Worrall, Don Worrall
plus Neighborhood Volunteers
Entertainment Committee
Lynn Sherman, chair
Facilities Committee
xxxxx xxxxx, chair, and Tom Tobin, board liaison
Dale Ingraham and Pete Tuana, drains
Kim Browning, Tom Northen, Stan Pelmear, Ken Schmitz, Mark Scott, Dan Weber
Finance Committee
Curt Jeschke, Asst. Treasurer, and Skip Wangbickler, board liaison
Karl Buder, Bruce Gardner, Hav Staggs, George Taule
Governing Documents Advisory Committee
Lisa Lai, chair, and Cookie Wong, board liaison
Larissa Abeling, Lew Richmond, John Windh
Landscape Committee
Kathie Farrell, chair, and Cookie Wong, board liaison
Vicky Van Meter and Pat Young, advisors
Genevieve Blanchard, Kim Browning, Juanna Collin, Tom Tobin
Library Committee
Georgia Quadres, chair
Krista Bendinelli, Beth Ann Farris, Sally Sands, Connie Waller
Pool and Spa Committee
Jacquie Denny and Bob Chanteloup, chairs, and the General Manager
Christina Albrow, June Horn, Evelyne Mandell, Nancy Obedin, Robin Sheldon, Karen Taylor
Sidewalks and Driveways Committee
Susan Staggs, chair, and Pete Tuana, board liaison
Rich Isaacs, Lisa Lavagetto, Lauren Scott, Pat Young
Social Committee
Maritza Content, Lisa Schmitz and Karen Tobin, chairs
Lauren Scott
Welcoming Committee
Elsa and John Windh, chairs