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Board Elections

Concerning the next board election of March 12, 2024:
  • As of December 14, 2023 -- the deadline for receiving nominations to fill two open positions in the upcoming board election -- two qualified candidates had been nominated.
  • Therefore, according to our election rules, Tom Tobin and Skip Wangbickler were elected by acclamation and will take their seats on March 12, 2024, to serve for two years.
The 2023 board election:
  • On March 14, 2023, Tom Northen, Pete Tuana and Cookie Wong were elected to the HOA board, their terms to run to 2025.
  • The new board's officers are:
    • Susan Staggs, President
    • Cookie Wong, Vice President
    • Sarah Lawrence, Secretary
    • Pete Tuana, Treasurer
    • Tom Northen, Member At Large
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Terms and limits:
At each Annual Meeting of the Association, new directors will be seated for a term of two years to replace those directors whose terms have expired.
  • Three directors shall be elected in odd-numbered years and two in even-numbered years.
  • Unless vacated sooner, each director shall hold office until the director's term expires and a successor is elected. 
  • No director shall be elected to serve more than two consecutive terms.