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Library Committee

The library in the clubhouse is open again. Under NEW BOOKS at the right you can see what's been added recently, even during the pandemic.
Residents and guests escorted by residents may borrow books from the library on an honor system. You are trusted to return all borrowed items.
  • All of the books in the library have been donated by residents.
  • Please place donated books either in the fiction or non-fiction basket.
  • We cannot accept fiction books published before 2007.
  • Nor do we accept reference books, jig-saw puzzles, magazines or condensed books..
  • We keep only one copy of each book.
  • Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by author's name. Non-fiction books are shelved by category and alphabetically by author’s name within that category. Biographies and memoirs are shelved by the subject's name.
  • Movies are shelved at the end of the non-fiction books. Music and books on CD are located on the large carousel at the back left of the library.
  • Large print books are shelved with regular fiction titles.
  • Please do not re-shelve books as we prefer to check them in. Please return fiction books to the basket on the right side and non-fiction to the basket on the left side. Thanks.
This is quite an enjoyable collection. Please come take a look.
Georgia Quadres is the Library Committee chair.
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Library Charter
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