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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- December 1, 2020
Posted on Dec 1st, 2020

The days have become shorter and cooler, and the leaves are decorating our streets. Although some of us might be looking forward to saying good-bye to the year 2020, the color on many of our trees is worth noticing while we still have the opportunity. 
For those of you who celebrated it, I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable, despite the various restrictions and logistical hurdles that we’ve had to deal with.
As we are all aware, this has been a very different year for us – and the world. For the Creekside Board, it started with our President quitting her post leaving the Board to operate with three non-elected Directors, including yours truly. However, we’re currently preparing for next year’s election in early March, and I encourage everyone to consider what role each of us can play in contributing to the well-being and success of our association. Depending on when you’re reading this, there still might be time to submit your name as a candidate for the Board. The submission deadline is December 8th, 2020, at 5 pm. If joining the Board is not something that interests you, consider that joining committees also provides a way to help shape our activities.
Looking back on the year, I would say that we’ve encountered more issues than we’ve successfully resolved. Landscaping continues to be a major challenge as well as the area of biggest expenditure. A year of having no Landscape Committee in 2019 surely didn’t help matters, but recent comments from our residents suggest that things have been improving in the past months. We also experienced the fact that driveways, sidewalks, and drainpipes don’t always seem to mix well with wandering roots. Thirty-plus years of tree growth can look wonderful above ground, but the possible impact below ground can contribute to future maintenance costs.
In addition to COVID-19 making its mark on people’s health, it has indirectly affected our progress in a few areas. One item affected in particular has been the updating of our governing documents by making a Town Hall meeting with a majority of the residents fairly impractical. Although the update was never expected to be a fast process, the virus has managed to extend it by at least a year.
It is conceivable that sometime in 2021 Creekside will be able to begin a process of returning to more of our normal operations and re-opening the clubhouse. At our November meeting, the Board appointed three co- Chairs to the Social Committee for next year. Much appreciation goes to Lisa Schmitz, Karen Tobin, and Maritza Content for volunteering. Hopefully the State and County health restrictions imposed next year will lessen, if not get lifted altogether, and we can get back to our usual gatherings. I’d like to thank both Carmela Mezquita and Kathie Farrell as our outgoing Chairs, even though the events they had planned and proposed for the year were all cancelled due to Board decisions to restrict social interaction activities.
Best wishes to you all in your efforts to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Keep healthy and keep your distance from the virus. Take a tour outside to enjoy the next round of house and mailbox decorations and try to notice the leaves on the trees before they drop. Enjoy the colors.
Stay safe and well, everyone.
— Lee Farrell, Creekside Board President