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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- March 2021
Posted on Mar 10th, 2021

It looks like March will be a month of changes here at Creekside. By now you all should be aware that Jyotika Chand, our Manager for the past three years, has moved away from northern California. Although the news hit us all – including her –  rather suddenly, it’s not as bad as it could be. While TMT finds a replacement for Jyotika, we’ve been fortunate that they have arranged to provide remote support from her to help us during the transition process. It is expected that she should be settled in her new location to be available for help starting March 8. Whenever we receive any information regarding a replacement manager, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you might see Lori Storm and/or Jessica Melvin, both TMT employees who will be temporarily assisting us in the clubhouse and around the property.
Another major change in our association this month will be the transition of three Board members, as we welcome our new Directors — Susan Staggs, Curt Jeschke and Nils Eliason — during our Annual Members Meeting. If you recall my comments from last month, I had mentioned that the new members would have “almost a full month to understand their new role and ask pertinent questions about what lies ahead.” Although the statement was technically correct, I have to acknowledge that because of her sudden relocation, their best resource, Jyotika, hasn’t been very available for most of that period. Welcome to life on the Board!
As we look forward to our incoming Board members, I again want to thank Maritza Content, Pete Tuana and Jan Tulloch for their contributions these past years and their time spent on the Board, especially through the difficult period of establishing, monitoring, and dealing with our virus-­related emergency rules.
March will also include a change of season, bringing us back into spring, the season of landscape irrigation. During the latter half of February, you might have noticed work being done on Via Colombard by both Scandia, our landscape crew, and Arolo, our well maintenance company. We had discovered a surprise failure of our pump at well #1, and the two companies were coordinating efforts to provide truck access to the well to enable the replacement of a new pump motor. The new equipment has now been installed, and irrigation line testing will be taking place to locate any faults in the system that might have cropped up (pun intended) over the winter shutdown.
One of the more positive changes that we might anticipate this month is that our county has been much more successful in making COVID-19 vaccinations available. Hopefully by the end of the month most of the residents here at Creekside will be able to say they’ve received their first – or in many cases, their second – injection. I don’t want to set any unrealistic expectations, but maybe the County will be lifting some of our association restrictions before summer is over. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Stay safe and well, everyone.
Lee Farrell, Creekside Board President