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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- June 5, 2019
Posted on Apr 24th, 2019

Oops, a little late with this update, but here it is nonetheless ....
  1. Thanks to those of you who reported the mess that our mowing crew made when they mowed the tall grasses by the pond while the ground was soaking wet. (To their credit, our landscaping company let us know immediately that the mower had created some serious tire trenches as a result of the wet ground.) The mowing crew was back last week, taking care of the mess created earlier. If those of you who serve as our eyes in that area are still seeing problems, let Jyotika know.
  2. We experienced our first emergency irrigation issue recently (irrigation main line busted its britches on a Sunday and sent water flowing down the street on Calle Petite Syrah/Sarah). It was a good test of our new emergency process and we didn’t do so well (an E for effort) but we have since (we = TMT, the Board, Jyotika) been working on establishing an emergency protocol, both internal and external, that will prevent this from happening in the future. In the meantime, thank you Wayne, Winnie, Vicky, Pat, and especially Monica for your assistance and patience as we did our best to stop the flow of water on that Sunday.
  3. Thanks to those of you who have expressed concern about the tall grasses on our western border in need of mowing because they pose a potential fire danger. FYI, the area between Creekside and the adjoining vineyards is actually Open Space hence determining who is responsible for mowing it is now the issue. Jyotika is “on it” but if the discussions get too prolonged, we’ll simply pay for the mowing ourselves and fight the good fight afterwards.
  4. At our last Board meeting, a concerned resident raised the issue of street lighting at night or rather the lack of good street lighting at night. Board member Tom Northern will be talking to PG&E about what it would take to increase the number of street lights we have. Knowing Tom, he’ll also be figuring out creative ways that we can provide more street lighting without having to install more street lights. We’ll expect a report from Tom at our next board meeting.
  5. Another concerned resident reminded us that it’s yellow jacket season. Yellow jackets can be lethal to pets and humans so please put out traps on your property if you see yellow jackets. If you believe there’s a nest anywhere on our common property please report it to Jyotika immediately and she’ll have it taken care of asap.
  6. Landscaping of your common area:  reminder that the area between your front fence and the street falls under the domain of the HOA. If you are concerned with your landscaping or unhappy with your landscaping, feel free to report your concern to Jyotika. She is compiling a list of issues so that we can tackle them HOA wide, as opposed to one lot at a time. It is VERY likely that in order to keep up with the demands of our landscaping, we’ll need to increase the number of days our landscaping contractor is on site, from 3 days to 4, in order to keep up with everything that needs to be done during the spring & summer seasons.
  7. Trees are landscaping …. Jyotika will be inviting several tree companies in the area (tree maintenance) to provide us with bids for assessing the state of our trees + a plan for maintaining them (including their replacement). These $$$ will be included in our 5 year strategic planning process.
  8. Finally, the Architecture Committee is sending out violation notices as it walks each section of Creekside. If you receive a notice and have questions, contact Jyotika first (poor Jyotika). She will forward to the Architecture Committee as necessary. Please note, however, that the Architecture Committee has the full support of the Board behind these violation notices and we won’t shy away from requesting homeowners to re-paint, re-fence, or re-anything else that is in violation of the Architectural Rules. Final note:  Nextdoor is NOT the place to ask your questions re paint, siding, fences, gates, etc. Ask them directly of the Architecture Committee or via Jyotika.
  9. And actually, one last “finally”:  Happy Birthday to Janet Wentworth! Congratulations on your 98 remarkable years!
We welcome your questions and comments. Send them to Jyotika and she will redirect them as needed. Similarly, if you have a problem to report send Jyotika an email and she’ll either redirect or respond. Thanks for reading!