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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- August 17, 2019
Posted on Aug 4th, 2019

Not sure where July went but we’ve made it to August which, if you’re a parent, used to mean that you only had to get through a few more weeks of summer vacation before (thank goodness) your kids went back to school.
  1. Lighting:  ALL of the pathway lights have been repaired and are working again. 
  2. Yellow jacket season:  has begun and so has our 8 week contract with Hitmen for monitoring and exterminating nests as we find them. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to the Clubhouse soon enough to prevent our spa technician from getting stung a few times last week so be careful.
  3. The Architecture Committee is continuing to do a great job of holding all of us accountable for upholding the Architecture Rules as they currently stand. Many of us (ahem) have received notices and most of us are doing the necessary work to bring whatever infraction has been noted, into compliance. For those who have received multiple notices and have not made the required changes, you’ll be getting notices to appear for a hearing before the Board.  
    • Although Chris noted this in his Aug Currents article, I’d like to underscore his note here: due to the many requests for updated color schemes, the Committee will be developing new color schemes with the intention of having them available by Feb for next spring/summer’s painting schedule. In general, the goal will be to review our color schemes every 5 years or so, so that Creekside homes always look fresh and contemporary (but in schemes appropriate to our architectural style). Which is NOT to say we will change them every 5 years but we will review them.
    • Finally, Greg Bergford has stepped off the Committee and Kathie Jeschke, who was the alternate, is now a member. 
  4. Landscaping:  so many questions, so many complaints, so much frustration. You should have seen some significant improvements in all neighborhoods and across all areas over the past two weeks. We’ll address the topic of landscaping more fully at the Town Hall, Monday, Aug 26, 6:30 pm. Jyotika continues to be the point person for landscaping concerns.
  5. Five Year Plan:  thanks so much to all who contributed to this process.  We’ve received some great suggestions (e.g. install a putting green) in addition to the “purchase X and Y”. We’ll have preliminary information to share with you at the Town Hall meeting. 
  6. Clubhouse office hours:  some of you have requested that Jyotika keep a regular posted lunch hour so that you know in advance when she’ll be out of the office. Unfortunately, her work life doesn’t allow for that kind of schedule. There are too many days during the week when she grabs lunch on the fly or eats at her desk because she doesn’t have time to take a lunch break. The best way to make sure she’s in the office and available is to call in advance or schedule an appointment.
  7. The CC&Rs appear to be stuck on the path to nowhere. We’re still waiting for a final revision from the attorney handling this for us.
  8. Finally, kudos and thanks
    • to whoever left a bowl full of beautiful green apples in the Clubhouse last week. I grabbed some and ate them before they could become a pie;
    • to Pat Young for the new plant signs in the planter at the entrance to the Clubhouse; she had them made at the Quarryhill Botanical Garden and then installed them for us. We’d like to extend those to some of the trees and shrubs along the pathways if anyone is interested in helping out with that project;
    • to Barbara and Charles Rooney, Bob Chanteloup, and Dick Wickland for lending a hand during the recent spa crisis;
    • to Beth Ann Farris and Bob Mandell for their perseverance in pursuing better cooperation from the vineyard next door re mowing more than the required 15’ feet of grass, as a fire barrier;
    • and to Carol Lussier and Gordon Kallio for helping some of our less mobile residents take care of their architectural infractions. That’s the community I want to be part of.
-- Jennie Nicolayev, on behalf of the Board of Directors