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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- April 1, 2020
Posted on Apr 1st, 2020

Thank you for being patient as the Board implements strategies to maintain appropriate levels of communication and management due to the Coronavirus and Sonoma County Health Department directive to shelter-in-place. Our monthly agendas are full of critical initiatives and actions that need to be considered.
Jyotika Chand, our General Manager, is working from home. She will manage day-to-day issues, answer questions, and facilitate communication to the Board. If you need to contact her, please send email to the usual email address and she will call you if necessary. Or you can call the TMT office, which is (916) 985 3633; they will either transfer the call to Jyotika or take a message and email it to her.
Moving our in-person business meetings to some type of electronic format is permissible per our governing documents, but the task is somewhat daunting as we struggle to create clear communication between Board members and our management. Furthermore we feel it is critical to ensure homeowners can actively listen and participate where needed. Our learning curve is on a steep upswing! After reviewing a couple platforms, the Board selected Zoom Meeting as it features the audio and visual capabilities for basic use and allows others to join seamlessly. The Board encourages homeowners who wish to participate to use the link provided on the agenda and submit public comments via email prior to the meeting.
The Board is committed to working on the following:
1. Update, review duties, and approve our Committee Charters:
a. Finance
b. Landscape
c. Pool
d. House/Facilities
e. Water
2. Establish an Ad Hoc charter for a Board Advisory Committee.
3. Seek volunteers for Committees.
4. Resolve issues to conduct elections in June as scheduled, including Candidate Night and the Annual Meeting.
5. Schedule a Town Hall to review the revised Governing Documents reflecting new legislation and Creekside task force updates.
6. Develop archives and strategies for the myriad activities required for consistent management of Creekside.
Again, the Board wants to thank each of you for your understanding and flexibility. Our desire is to adhere to the governmental guidelines and diminish the risk to our homeowners.
—Pete Tuana, Board President