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Updates from the President

Creekside Updates -- August 3, 2020
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2020

It was a bit of a surprise when, after just getting elected on June 16, I heard our previous Board President, Pete Tuana, announce that he couldn’t continue another term in his office as President. As a result, I find myself repeating a role I previously held back in 2014. While I missed the opportunity on election night (I blame it on the shock factor), I thank Pete for his continuing contributions and for the work he did as President, after taking over the reins from a different unexpected resignation.
Since election night, the new Board has attended one “Board Training” event and held three Open Session meetings and four Executive Sessions. (Depending on when you’re reading this, there might have been more.) In an attempt to continue opening up our facilities, even if in a restricted manner, Pete worked with several volunteers to set up our COVID-19-conscious pool area so that people can exercise in the water. Thank you very much to Maureen and Charles Rooney, Bob Chanteloup, Karen Taylor, and Ken Koehler for their sterling efforts.
From most accounts, the pool usage has been appreciated and enjoyed by an average of 19 residents each day, all while following the posted guidelines. Of course, there have been a few glitches reported but they’ve been resolved. Of note, combination locks will be installed on the outside bathroom doors. Appreciation goes to our repeat volunteer and active resident, Ken Schmitz, for his help with this. The combination lock will ensure a more reliable access method, while still providing security from unwanted entry by non-residents.
Speaking of non-residents, it has been reported (only once, that I’m aware) that children have been seen in the pool area. As a reminder to all, the Board has made the difficult and likely unpopular decision to restrict guests of any kind from using either the tennis courts or the pool. To clarify, “guests” include healthy trusted friends, family members, and visiting children who are otherwise “really, really bored” or just too hot to be happy. So please respect our attempts at trying to deal with the COVID-19 concerns in light of this difficult time so we won’t need to consider re-closing either the pool or the tennis courts.
Looking forward, we anticipate a full plate of issues that the Board will be facing, many of which have been open for months, others that might just be surfacing, with several needing to be addressed before the end of the year. A [very] short list of examples includes the updating of our CC&Rs, dealing with the trade-offs between fire mitigation efforts and landscape appearance, longer-term irrigation planning, budgeting efforts, and contract reviews and evaluation. And all of this will unfortunately be complicated with the ongoing presence of COVID-19, making simple meetings a challenge and Town Hall meetings very difficult, if not completely impractical. I appreciate your continued patience and cooperation as we navigate this discouraging situation.
It has been noted that since the shift to Zoom meetings, the Board has scheduled all meetings during daytime hours. While this has proven more convenient for Board members and our General Manager, it may be frustrating for our residents who are not available during “work hours.” Although posting recordings of the meetings is technically possible, multiple Boards at Creekside have consistently decided against doing so, based primarily on legal recommendations. However, as with many issues, we don’t have an accurate sense of how many “evening only” residents would actually choose to tune in and participate in evening Board meetings. So if you fall in this category, please let us hear from you. It’s only with a more accurate count that the Board can decide the benefit trade-off of holding evening meetings.
Stay safe and well, everyone.
— Lee Farrell, Creekside Board President