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Architectural Rules

Creekside Architecture
  • To see the complete ARCHITECTURAL RULES 2015 as one continuous 40-page document or to see the BACKFLOW ADDENDUM 2017, please click above.
  • To see any individual section of the Architectural Rules, click below. Sections 8, 11, 12 and 19 have been revised; they supersede those sections in the 2015 document.
  • To learn about architectural procedures, paint schemes, floor plans and application forms, please go to Architectural Committee under COMMITTEES above.
Section 1: Charter (revised 2021)
Section 2: General
Section 3: Accessories
Section 4: Atrium
Section 5: Attic vents and skylights
Section 6: Antennas
Section 7: Permits
Section 8: revised 2022: Staining shingle siding and shingle fences
Section 9: Gates and fences
Section 10: Freestanding structures
Section 11 revised 2020: Painting homes sided with horizontal boards or vertical-groove plywood
Section 13: Roofing
Section 14: Solar
Section 15: Structural changes
Section 16: Screens
Section 17: Drainage
Section 18: Curbs and mailboxes
Section 20: Application forms (available above under COMMITTEES > Architectural Committee)