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Art Group

"Mr. Jonathan" by Vic de Beck
The Creekside Art Group started in 1990 when five talented residents decided to get together every Friday morning to share their talents and discuss art and art trends. Artists brought their subjects and painting materials.
That practice continues today. Members may demonstrate techniques in watercolor or acrylic. They learn by doing, each artist creating their work with some guidance from the Group Director. Members may bring more works of art for others to discuss and make suggestions that the artist may want to consider. It is hoped the artist considers such things as color balance, proper value relationship, dominance and support elements in their art. A critique may follow the class; members accept all opinions using them wisely or not at all. 
After a morning of painting their masterpieces, the artists have tea and discuss the art world and current events. Their art, which includes photography, is displayed in the large clubhouse meeting room and rotated and refreshed on a periodic basis.
Fourteen Creekside artists are currently showing their work on our website. Look at CREEKSIDE ART GALLERY under PHOTOS above or click here.

The Art Group would love to have more members and wishes to stress that it is a class sharing all available techniques. We meet every Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon.
Please contact Vic de Beck or Char Rundstrom.