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Creekside Updates -- July 2021
Posted on Jul 1st, 2021
“Is it warm enough for you?” That question always made me wonder why people thought it was something funny to ask. Here we are in July, facing the recurring issues of excessive heat, low water supply resources, and the ever-present specter of wondering when and where the next fire will occur.
Hopefully, the re-opening of the facilities (finally!) has been received as a welcome alternative to these concerns, and the community is able to enjoy the use of the Clubhouse again. Because we still need to acknowledge the existence of the Covid virus, homeowners and residents are being asked to sign a waiver before using the facilities. Also, for those of you who are not fully vaccinated, please wear masks indoors or even outdoors if you cannot maintain social distancing guidelines.
Creekside Updates -- April 2021
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2021
By now I hope you’re all aware that our new General Manager from TMT, Avery Patentreger, has moved in to occupy the clubhouse office as the replacement for Jyotika Chand. As you can imagine, he has been given the serious challenge of coming up to speed in a couple of weeks on all the information, history, and procedures that have been developed in the past three years of Jyotika’s efforts. Although the Clubhouse is still closed during the ongoing – but hopefully soon to be eased – pandemic restrictions, he is available by phone at the usual office number: 707.938.8920. He can also be reached via email at: avery.patentreger@managementtrust.com.
Creekside Updates -- March 2021
Posted on Mar 10th, 2021
It looks like March will be a month of changes here at Creekside. By now you all should be aware that Jyotika Chand, our Manager for the past three years, has moved away from northern California. Although the news hit us all – including her – rather suddenly, it’s not as bad as it could be. While TMT finds a replacement for Jyotika, we’ve been fortunate that they have arranged to provide remote support from her to help us during the transition process.
Creekside Updates -- February 1, 2021
Posted on Feb 1st, 2021
Welcome to 2021!
One of the things that I hope people have noticed the first month of the year is that we have a new landscaping company, Scandia, taking care of our property. Two comments I’ve heard from a few individuals already: “they’re here longer hours” and “they’ve been cleaning up those pesky seed pods.” If you happen to have any other comments about the new company, please let our manager Jyotika and/or one of our Landscape Committee members know.
Creekside Updates -- December 1, 2020
Posted on Dec 1st, 2020
The days have become shorter and cooler, and the leaves are decorating our streets. Although some of us might be looking forward to saying good-bye to the year 2020, the color on many of our trees is worth noticing while we still have the opportunity. For those of you who celebrated it, I hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable, despite the various restrictions and logistical hurdles that we’ve had to deal with.
As we are all aware, this has been a very different year for us – and the world. For the Creekside Board, it started with our President quitting her post leaving the Board to operate with three non-elected Directors, including yours truly.
Creekside Updates -- November 1, 2020
Posted on Nov 1st, 2020
Because of our publication schedule, I had to write this article before two major events have occurred: Halloween and Election Day. Oddly enough, I’ve heard each of them described as the scariest day of the year. Given that both events have resulted in some related outdoor decorations in our neighborhood, you might not be too surprised that there have been a few less-than-complimentary comments about them. It has been noted that some of the mailboxes have been augmented with witches, spider webs, and the like.
Creekside Updates -- September 4, 2020
Posted on Sep 4th, 2020
Just when we were getting used to dealing with one disaster, we get hit with a second. Actually, I’m not sure that I should say we’re “getting used to” the pandemic and its associated restrictions on our lives, but we’ve certainly had time to practice how to deal with it. Then came the lightning, and the fires.
Creekside Updates -- August 3, 2020
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2020
It was a bit of a surprise when, after just getting elected on June 16, I heard our previous Board President, Pete Tuana, announce that he couldn’t continue another term in his office as President. As a result, I find myself repeating a role I previously held back in 2014. While I missed the opportunity on election night (I blame it on the shock factor), I thank Pete for his continuing contributions and for the work he did as President, after taking over the reins from a different unexpected resignation.
Creekside Updates -- April 1, 2020
Posted on Apr 1st, 2020
Thank you for being patient as the Board implements strategies to maintain appropriate levels of communication and management due to the Coronavirus and Sonoma County Health Department directive to shelter-in-place. Our monthly agendas are full of critical initiatives and actions that need to be considered.
Creekside updates -- January 8, 2020
Posted on Jan 8th, 2020
Happy New Year! And now let’s get back to work ...
The Board of Directors will be holding a Town Hall next Tuesday, Jan 14, from 7-8pm. We’ll be providing an update on all matters related to Landscaping but other than that, the meeting is open for questions and/or comments on any topic.
In the meantime, a quick update re landscaping activity that is happening now. As of Jan 1, Coast is here 5 days/week and we are delighted! Their priorities for the months of Jan –Feb will be to pull out all of the dead or dying plants scattered across our streetscapes (over 100 plants) so if you see bare patches suddenly appearing that’s why.
Creekside Updates -- September 4, 2019
Posted on Sep 24th, 2019
As we roll into September we’re picking up speed on all fronts. Both the  Board and Jyotika can feel the difference and I hope some of you can as well.
  1. Town Hall mtng of 8/26. On behalf of the Board, thanks to all of you who attended, listened, asked questions, offered suggestions, and shared concerns. I have one mea culpa: in response to Pat O’Brien’s question about the difference in cost to the HOA of having a GM (General Mngr) vs. what we had in prior years (half time office person), I replied that the difference wasn’t huge. I was quickly corrected by my favorite fact-checker after the meeting. The difference in cost between the two salaries is in fact significant, as you’d expect it to be since one position is full time, the other was not. The difference in the cost of the overall contracts, however, was not significant. We absorbed the cost of the additional salary by cutting back in other areas of our budget so there was no net new cost to the HOA.
Creekside Updates -- August 17, 2019
Posted on Aug 4th, 2019
Not sure where July went but we’ve made it to August which, if you’re a parent, used to mean that you only had to get through a few more weeks of summer vacation before (thank goodness) your kids went back to school.
  1. Lighting:  ALL of the pathway lights have been repaired and are working again. 
  2. Yellow jacket season:  has begun and so has our 8 week contract with Hitmen for monitoring and exterminating nests as we find them. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to the Clubhouse soon enough to prevent our spa technician from getting stung a few times last week so be careful.
Creekside Updates -- June 28, 2019
Posted on Jul 14th, 2019
I’ve been asked to identify the author behind these updates and though some of you have guessed, I’ll cop to it:  Jennie Nicolayev, Board President.  That said, these Updates include information from the weekly updates that Jyotika sends to the Board every Friday plus whatever information I, or the Board, have become aware of during the intervening time.  It’s part of our effort to improve our communication with you and to make you more aware of what’s going on in the neighorhood.
  1. OUR 5-YEAR-PLAN:  Curt Jeschke and Martiza Content completed their meetings with all committee members who were interested in providing information about what they foresee as being needed over the next 5 years. We’re now asking you to provide your opinions on what Creekside should be anticipating over the next 5 years in terms of improvements, priorities, and/or expenditures, significant or otherwise. The Board will incorporate your concerns and interests into the master document and those will be sliced and diced and made available for a first discussion in a Town Hall meeting in early Fall. DUE DATE FOR YOUR INPUT: FRIDAY, JULY 13 (perfect!). Send your thoughts to Curt at curtjeschke@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your help.
Creekside Updates -- June 5, 2019
Posted on Apr 24th, 2019
Oops, a little late with this update, but here it is nonetheless ....
  1. Thanks to those of you who reported the mess that our mowing crew made when they mowed the tall grasses by the pond while the ground was soaking wet. (To their credit, our landscaping company let us know immediately that the mower had created some serious tire trenches as a result of the wet ground.) The mowing crew was back last week, taking care of the mess created earlier. If those of you who serve as our eyes in that area are still seeing problems, let Jyotika know.
Creekside Updates -- May 13, 2019
Posted on Apr 20th, 2019
In our continuing effort to improve/increase communication the Board will be sending out brief bi-weekly updates to let you know what’s going on in the hood. 
  1. The path lighting in front of the Clubhouse has been repaired and most of the lights are working again. The path lighting system as a whole is in need of further investigation and repair or complete replacement since we’ve been told it has reached its useful life expectancy. Jyotika and the House Cmte are continuing to scope out this project.