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Architectural Committee

The latest Architectural news can be found under the green CREEKSIDE CURRENTS UPDATES tab at the lower-right. There's also a new tab there which will show you what the various Creekside color schemes actually look like on houses
The primary responsibility of the Architectural Committee is to preserve the character of the architectural style of Creekside Village. This is a key factor in protecting the quality and value of homes in the community. It requires cooperation from residents and informative, cooperative and respectful input from the Committee. It can only work if each homeowner shares with the Committee in advance what changes the homeowner has in mind to anything visible from outside his fence.
To this end, it is the responsibility of the Architectural Committee to approve any structural change, addition or improvement that is visible from outside the owner's lot. The Committee works with the HOA management to ensure that the requisite application forms are submitted by the homeowner and that approval for all architectural changes is obtained before work begins.
The Committee invites homeowners to contact us as they begin their planning because another set of eyes early on might make the process smoother and even save money. New Creekside owners in particular may want to look at the green tab at the right called ADVICE TO NEWCOMERS and at the various QUICKSTART guides, particularly on Painting and Staining.
The Architectural Committee (and/or the HOA manager) periodically inspects the exteriors of all Creekside residences. These inspections focus only on items visible from outside the homeowner's fenced area; they include routine maintenance issues like repainting, re-roofing and fence repair as well as new construction and additions. Homeowners are notified of infractions and corrections needed. The Committee welcomes requests for clarification regarding infractions.
We look forward to working with you.
Chris Albrow chairs the Architectural Committee.
Committee Minutes and Board Reports
This committee does not publish
minutes here because of the
confidential nature of their proceedings.
November 2022 Board Report
October 2022 Board Report
September 2022 Board Report
May 2022 Board Report
Architectural Rules
Below you can access each individual section of the above Architectural Rules. Some have been revised since 2015.
Section 1: Charter (revised 2021)
Section 2: General
Section 3: Accessories
Section 4: Atrium
Section 5: Attic vents
Section 6: Antennas
Section 7: Permits
Section 8: Staining shingled homes (2022)
Section 9: Fences and gates
Section 10: Adding structures
Section 11: Painting sided homes (rev 2020)
Section 12: Lighting (revised 2019)
Section 13: Roofing
Section 14: Solar
Section 15: Structural changes
Section 16: Screens
Section 17: Drainage
Section 18: Curbs
Section 19: Inspections (revised 2022)
Section 20: Application forms (see below)
Approved Colors for Painting and Staining
The images linked below are photo representations for general reference. For accurate colors please consult the binders in the management office.    
   Approved colors for painted homes
Schemes PT-1 through PT-9 (larger)
Scheme PT-1 (smaller)
Scheme PT-2
Scheme PT-3
Scheme PT-4
Scheme PT-5
Scheme PT-6
Scheme PT-7
Scheme PT-8
Scheme PT-9
   Approved colors for shingled homes
Schemes SH-1 through SH-1 (larger)
Scheme SH-1 (smaller)
Scheme SH-2
Scheme SH-3
Scheme SH-4
Scheme SH-5
Scheme SH-6
Scheme SH-7
Scheme SH-8
Scheme SH-9
Scheme SH-10
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