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Emergency Preparedness at Creekside

The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to provide information and resources to the community so that residents may be ready if and when an actual emergency should occur. 
About evacuation
  • In an emergency, you may want to know of any recommended routes to safety.
  • Here are the best places to look for that information:
Start your emergency planning here:
Create a GO-BAG:
When there is a WILDFIRE:
When there is a POWER OUTAGE:
When there is an EARTHQUAKE:
What will the Emergency Preparedness Committee be doing?
  • The primary purpose of the EPC is to educate the community to be better prepared to survive any disaster that might befall us. 
  • During a disaster, our Neighborhood Volunteers will attempt to account for all residents in their area and, if possible, assist residents by providing information and advice. EPC leaders will use the radio system in the clubhouse to coordinate with Neighborhood Volunteers and residents, answer resident questions and provide information, and use the emergency generator system, as needed.
Where to get more information:
Hav Staggs explains the workings of the signal-boosting antenna
mounted atop the clubhouse for our Neighborhood Volunteers' walkie-talkie radios.