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Governing Documents: Rules and Policies

  • To see the RULES & POLICIES 2016 as one continuous 38-page document, please click above.
  • To see any individual section of the rules, click below. NOTE: Sections #19 and #21 have been revised; they supersede those sections in the 2016 document above.
Section 1: Residential Use
Section 2: Rental of Residences
Section 3: Modifications to Lots
Section 4: General Use of Common Areas
Section 5: Use of Clubhouse
Section 6: Pool and Spa
Section 7 is no longer in use: Exercise Equipment
Section 8: Pool Room
Section 9: Bocce Ball Court
Section 10: Tennis Courts
Section 11: Library

Section 12: Vehicle Parking
Section 13: Rules Concerning Senior Housing Residency
Section 14: Noise Abatement Policy
Section 15: Policy on Garage Sales
Section 16: Tree Root Policy
Section 17: Policy Regarding Plantings
Section 18: Privacy Policy for Email Addresses
Section 19 - revised 2020: Policy Regarding Responsibilities in the Event of an Emergency
Section 20: Policy Regarding Nonconformance of the Governing Documents with State and Federal Laws
Section 21 - revised 2023: Creekside Village Election Rules
The Code of Conduct at meetings adopted November 13, 2012.